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People Are Eating Glitter Pills To Make Their Shit Shimmer And Shine; How The Hell Did This Trend Get Started?

This Christmas it’s not just the ornament that are shining … thanks to glitter pills, so is people’s poop.

Never heard of glitter pills? Neither had we until today. But apparently they’re a thing. A glorious thing that will make your inner 8-year-old giggle with glee. Rumor has it, if you eat enough of these shimmery shiny glitter-filled gelatin pills, the next time you settle onto the john for a good old-fashioned poo, you’ll be delighted to find a magnificent sparkle in porcelain god. Yep, that’s right folks. The toilet bowl never shone so bright …

But how did eating glitter pills even become a thing? Like most hair-brained Internet trends, the idea was first introduced on Reddit — though we suspect others have been doing the glitter pill poo challenge long before it was posted online.

In the post, Redditor, dontb0ther2write, shared a link titled, “These pills make you poop glitter — 5/$15 on etsy.” Upon visiting the link, users will find a wide variety of sparkly shiny glitter pill offerings that, if eaten, will allegedly make your next bowel movement a wonder to behold.

glitter pills eat to make poop sparkle shit are they safe edible
Glitter Pills are making a “shiny turd” take on a whole new meaning. Eat Glitter

While it’s unclear exactly when glitter pills first made their debut, they’ve been around for a little while. According to Vocativ, Emily of Eat Glitter believes she may have been the first person to sell the novelties after making them for an art project in 2011.

Meanwhile, a husband and wife team on Etsy claim the prize for supplying the most glitter filled pills to glitter shitting idiots around the country. The couple has only been selling the pills since February, but claim to have filled thousands of orders for their glitter shitter capsules.

While we all realize that this fascination with a shiny turd is probably taking us a step backward on the evolutionary ladder, back to our primate poop-slinging forefathers, the fact remains: IT’S KINDA F*CKING AWESOME!

do glitter pills people eating to make poop sparkle shiny safe where to buy
You can be the goose who laid the golden egg with Tobias Wong’s 24 karat gold glitter capsules.Tobias Wong

We should probably make it clear at this point that glitter pills aren’t actually intended to be eaten. Though what they hell else a person would do will a pill of glitter, we have no idea. The pills are nontoxic in nature, but of course, when a medical professional from Johns Hopkins was consulted, he said he wouldn’t really advise it. “I don’t think [eating glitter] is medically advisable … nor do I think there’s any evidence that it’s ill-advised.”

So there you have it: If you eat glitter, shit at your own risk. But, we have a feeling that holiday bum nuggets are about to become a lot more festive.

can you eat glitter pills poop glitter sparkle shine dangerous where to buy

This shirt says it all… Funny Quotes

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